About Me…

I think I’ve always used this  picture for just about everything…

^^Check out my projects up top^^ Rush 2 is the project to see here. Click Here. 

I’m an enthusiastic and (probably annoyingly) passionate game designer who has lost many nights of sleep, pushing myself to design and achieve the desired experience for any given project. I do my best to balance work and play, having to step back from the computer every once in a while and get some fresh air should be encouraged.

I went to school at Collins College to learn game production. Here I was put through the cycle of game development many times over gaining experience of the general process of not only game development itself but also how to work with and lead a team that all had their own passions and desires on a given project to make it the best they could. While designing and producing games with my fellow classmates, I took every chance I could throughout the day (and night) to learn as much as I could about game design from as many sources as possible.

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